"The concept is simple:we send you a monthly delivery of the most savory coffee samples from local micro-roasters."


Forget the rest--we'll hook you up with the best.

How does it work?
It couldn't possibly be any simpler.
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Imagine waking up to the smell and taste of some of the most delicious coffee on the planet.
The  complex, yet smooth flavors dancing across your tongue, driving away the stress and renewing your spirit for the day ahead. 
Or perhaps more importantly, no more settling for mediocrity. No more charred aftertaste.
You deserve better, so let us hook you up with the best roasters in America!

Our Story

After relocating to a fairly quaint little California town, Ian was frustrated with the astonishing lack of a single good coffee house or roaster in the area! 
He searched high and low, but with no luck. 

He then did some soul-searching, and got to thinking of just how many people live their entire lives without ever tasting a 5-star cup of coffee. 

Even after moving, he still found this ridiculously disturbing. 
It was then that he determined to solve the problem that was his source of hardships, and to awaken a public interest in good coffee. That way no one would be forced to suffer the guilt of partaking in icky supermarket coffee like he so desperately did.

And thus, the CoffeeMIME way was unleashed upon the world.

We have 3 philosophies that define the CoffeeMIME way in it's pursuit of glory:

  • Always do right by the customer, and the almighty bean
  • Never forget your cause for doing this in the first place
  • No matter how you do it, leave your mark of glory for all to see